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Our team is excited to show you the type of care that will not only get you out of pain, but change your life.

With changing healthcare and lifestyles, it's more important than ever to get yourself out of pain and then start down a journey of true health!

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Meet Our Doctors

Adam Burch
Dr. Adam Burch
Adam Burch
Adam Burch Education

A.T. Still University (Master of Public Health)

Post Graduation

New York Chiropractic College (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Personal Information

Dr. Burch is a firm supporter of healthy neighborhoods. He believes that community health starts at home. By making healthy choices about what we eat and what we do, we can improve the health of our homes, neighborhoods and even the whole country. Dr. Burch spent several years as a cook while in college. During that time, he learned how to make healthy food taste great while keeping it healthy food. He knows first hand the importance of a healthy diet and routine exercise. 

He was born with asthma and spent far too much time in the hospital as a young child. He was on several medications daily for most of his childhood and it wasn't until he started exercising daily and learned some specific breathing techniques that the symptoms started to improve. Now he has only one rescue inhaler that he almost never needs.

In his clinical internship, Dr. Burch was able to provide care for our wounded soldiers and veterans. During that time he saw a wide range of injuries both new and old.

He worked as part of a healthcare team working along with other providers to ensure that all of the patient's needs were met.

Dr. Burch joined HealthSource because of their attitude towards patient care. Do what is best for the patient and the rest will sort itself out. In his spare time, Dr. Burch takes some of his own advice. He enjoys cooking and being active outdoors. He and his wife will go for a hike, a bike ride or just about anything else that gets them in the fresh air and sunshine.

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HealthSource of Auburn
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(774) 237-2630

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Tracy Lewis

Dated: 05-30-2014
I've been working with HealthSource of Auburn for almost a year for a chronic injury. While I'm not 100%, Dr. Burch has increased my mobility and function dramatically. Highly recommend!

Robert Peters

Dated: 05-23-2014
I went in NOT EXPECTING much (as I had pain for 5 years). The care i received was/is excellent. The Dr and staff are very caring, professional and personable. I am now 80% better w/ only occasional pain. My expectation now is to be 100% pain free and (...)

Scott Miller

Dated: 04-21-2014
Very good overall experience. Didn't think I would ever get back to where I wanted to be, but I have! Very pleased overall!

Thomas Bryan

Dated: 04-21-2014
Dr. Burch completely helped me and was great in getting me back to 100%!

Katie Sue Morway

Dated: 04-21-2014
This is the place I feel the most accepted in the world - even with my setbacks and mood swings. I've always been snapped back to reality here and now I have the tools to go forth better than ever!

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